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So, give it a shot next time. Does exemplary customer service exist throughout your organization? Do not ask about personal relationships unless the customer brings it up on their own. Our economy is not about who has the better product and more and more about who has the better service. These sessions work much better than surveying consumers. The cold hard fact is without excellent customer service education; you don’t stand a chance in competing with the hundreds, perhaps thousands of global competitors in your market. If you live in a major urban area, you’re familiar with this fact.

Do not ask your clients their medical history if it is not germane to the business. Technology is becoming less and less the main criteria because everyone is so good at it. These instruction sessions are often fun and full of interactivity and role-playing, both live and on the phone. However, most customers sense frustration on a daily basis with at least one business encounter. Excellent customer service is the number one priority. What we now know is that companies must focus on call center training on a routine basis, and from firms who have been in the business of customer assistance the ones who walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Follow this advice from a simple client service coaching tip and watch your business prosper.