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Rick Barrera is a nationally acclaimed speaker, marketing consultant, and author. The latter is especially useful in maintaining and growing the profession of the mentee. In return, having employees who are top-tier will transform your work environment. The target of mentoring programs is to achieve the desired outcome. Described herein, therefore, are some ways through which an individual can realize self-improvement by taking part in well formatted mentoring programs. Mentoring programs excel at unchain people from the bondage of their own mediocre standards, thereby allowing them to aim higher, seek higher and eventually achieve higher.

Public acknowledgement is found to be a extremely valuable desire. Being the smartest or most learned person in the room does not make you perfect. In truth, we are party to a constant fight between our will and our minds. Mediocrity is a sin and a sign of a person in need on self-improvement. Structured mentoring programs will help you overcome this bias at the individual level. Employees are much more likely to thrive from a live mentoring program and companies are thrilled with the enthusiasm that follows afterward.

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