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You see, people love to hear the experiences of other people. Rick Barrera is a nationally acclaimed speaker, marketing consultant, and author. This is helpful. For instance, use hand gestures to emphasize your point, and convey emotions like disappointment and excitement. Preparing your speech early and practicing presentation as many times as possible can be helpful. A passionate speaker exhibits a kind of engagement and energy that shows how much they have invested in the topic. Employ a variety of non-verbal cues when speaking in public. For instance, you can have your audience repeat key information back to you. There is no such thing as a perfect speaker.

Reports from research published by the University of Wolverhampton suggest that a confident public speaker is often more competent, accurate, credible, believable, knowledgeable and intelligent. Try to be yourself no matter what the topic is. There is a lot of debate whether public speaking is an art or science, this article has highlighted some of the ways to become an effective public speaker. This means that if a presentation takes more than 20 minutes, an effective public speaker should split it into chunks that would take 20 minutes at most. You can practice before, say, your family or colleagues at work. Anyone can be an effective public speaker; it only requires practice and preparation. Studies have shown that non-verbal cues are necessary for captivating the audience. Non-verbal cues can also help you connect with your audience. In their 2009 research, David Cornish and Dianne Dukette showed that an adult could sustain attention for just about 20 minutes.