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In their 2009 research, David Cornish and Dianne Dukette showed that an adult could sustain attention for just about 20 minutes. An effective public speaker understands that their non-verbal behavior tells more than the words they say. Confidence also makes a speaker more insightful as they are more comfortable thinking and discussing their points in depth. You need to trust yourself. Connections at Skyview Airpark are great but we can connect you with the best public speaker. This will warm up the audience and make you feel more at ease. This is the most important aspect of public speaking. You can practice before, say, your family or colleagues at work.

There is a lot of debate whether public speaking is an art or science, this article has highlighted some of the ways to become an effective public speaker. Well, in all honesty, public speaking can be terrifying especially if you have never addressed any crowd. When giving a speech, one of the worst things you can do is try to be perfect. Just like you would hold a relaxed conversation with a person or two, you can give your speech the same way. Studies have shown that non-verbal cues are necessary for captivating the audience. Remember the aim is to seek to be effective, not perfect. Therefore if you smile, chances are your audience will smile too.